BOM Tourney info

Team information

Match and Forfeit Times:

Matches will begin 10 minutes from the conclusion of the preceding match. Matches may start up to 15 minutes before their scheduled time, however wave start times will not be moved up. Subsequent rounds and bracket play matches will be moved up as time allows. Directly after warm-up time ends, if a team is not ready to play, the opposing team will be awarded one point per minute. After ten minutes, the first game will be forfeited. Second game and match are forfeited after an additional 10 minutes.

Officiating Assignments:

1. Official will be provided for all matches.

2. Match play: best 2 out of 3 games. First 2 games to 25, deciding game if necessary to 15.

3. No cap on any game.

4. Warm-ups (2-4-4): 2 minutes for shared ball handling and 4 minutes for each team to hit and serve. Absolutely no ball handling by the team that is not scheduled to play the match.

5. Saturday matches may only start up to 15 minutes before their scheduled time. Waves will not start early.

6. Balls will NOT be provided

General Rules:

1. Only AAU registered members are allowed in the playing area.

2. Registered coach must be on the bench. Any team without an AAU registered coach is considered incomplete and will not play.

3. Any abuse of tournament officials or staff by players, coaches or parents will result in that person’s removal from the tournament.

4. Team benches may not be moved or taken to another area.

5. No spectator is allowed in the playing area at any time during the day.

If a protest is to be filed, it must be done at the time of the incident. Only the floor captain (the coach with 14 or younger) may file the protest. Judgment calls may not be protested.

Playing Venue: Cornerstone University, 1001 E. Beltline ave, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

On-site Vendor: Angle sportswear will be selling tournament t-shirts and other apparel.