Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequent questions we get before the club season.

We build off our mission of "Athlete Development over Club Development".

1.  Do you place girls on teams according to ages, or do you put younger girls such as 5th grade level girls with 8th grade girls?

We place athletes according to their skill level first, keeping age and experience in mind (we don’t want to overwhelm anyone by placing them too high). The majority of athletes play within 1 year of their age.

2. Does every girl that attends try outs make a team, or are there “cuts”?

We have never cut anyone.

3.  Do you attempt to put higher-level girls on the same team, or do you mix teams up with girls that don't play well with girls that do play well?

We strive to have the best teams possible, and place athletes according to skill level.

4. If my daughter and her friend try out, can we request they be on the same team so I can carpool with the other mother since we live close to each other and not close to the Carpe Diem facility?

You may certainly request that.  

In cases where one athlete is better than the other, we have spoken with the parents. If it is decided that placing them on different teams would be best for both athletes, we try to schedule practice times at the same time, or near the same time. It also may work out that you live near another club teammate.

5. When is tuition due, and is it one lump sum or broken into payments?

There is a $150 placement retainer due the last night of try-outs. After that, there are 3 payments due monthly.

6. How many girls do you place on a team?

We like 9-10 athletes on each team. If it may be more than 10, we have a conference with the team and parents.

7.  Is everyone on the team guaranteed "court time" at events?

We do guarantee practice time, meaning if an athlete misses practice, they get to make up that practice with another team of similar skill level.

We do not guarantee that every athlete gets the same amount of playing time at events. No one will sit the entire day, but our teams play to win.

8. If my daughter normally plays setter and she is a good setter, will you teach her to be a hitter if she desires to? (I found that the last few AAU clubs we've entered see she is a good setter and then they exclusively only have in her in that position, which hurts her overall  because she won't be well–rounded and don't get to learn how to hit etc. Because sooner or later a ball will come over where she has the opportunity to hit it. Practices are designed to teach our athletes to play all positions, as it makes them well-rounded. At events, the athletes are played in a more position-specific way.