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Covid -19 update and Best of Midwest
8:45, 3/12/20 - Cornerstone is doing everything they can to let us host the event.  I have had a couple of teams drop out.  If your team would prefer to NOT come please email info@carpediemvb.org I will assume you are still good if I have not heard from you. And will keep you updated as much as I know.

This is from Cornerstone university:
Right now, everything is continuing as scheduled. Obviously something may change in the next 12-24-36 hours....so stay tuned but we will go on as normal for the time being. In the meantime, we need to have you provide rosters of all participants that includes the following Name Hometown (wherever they are coming to CU from) Then, if any person has traveled to where there is a known confirmed case in the last two weeks, they need to identify those areas and we will take those cases individually (my guess is this number is not going to be high if 0 at all).
As of now the ROSTERS in AES should be set. BUT please read and forward the last part about being close to a confirmed case!

We are developing protocols to cut down on human to human contact.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. info@carpediemvb.org or TEXT 616-458-1637