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Tournament Information

Facility/Food Policy:

  1. In an effort to cut down on janitorial costs at the facilities and to limit the amount of waste from excessive amounts of food being brought to tournaments we have adopted the following food policy: (Keep in mind this is a volleyball tournament – not a potluck.)
    Food Policy:
    * Absolutely no crock pots or grills on the property.
    * No heating devices such as hotplates, chafing dishes, candles, Bunsen Burners, fondue, campfires, or anything else that poses a fire hazard.
    * No party trays or bags of food are to be brought in any facility.
    * Individual size (the kind that fit a 6-pack of pop) coolers only. No large coolers are allowed at any facility.
    * Do NOT bring your own team table inside. If you need a table it is to be set-up outside for tailgating.
    2.     Cornerstone University will have concessions available.
    3.     No food or beverage of any kind (other than water) is allowed in the playing areas, and no food at the scorer’s table.
    4.     Ball handling is to be done on the playing courts only; not in the hallways.
    5.     Admission is $5 for everyone 12 years and older. (TWO day passes available on Saturday for $10)


A club or team representative is responsible to verify or turn in AAU rosters. A copy of the correct roster must be turned in and signed prior to playing. The only acceptable roster is the official roster from the AAU National Website or verified on AES. No hand written or typed rosters accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS: NO OFFICIAL ROSTER = NO PLAY!

Match and Forfeit Times:

Matches will begin 10 minutes from the conclusion of the preceding match. Matches may start up to 15 minutes before their scheduled time, however wave start times will not be moved up. Subsequent rounds and bracket play matches will be moved up as time allows. Directly after warm-up time ends, if a team is not ready to play, the opposing team will be awarded one point per minute. After ten minutes, the first game will be forfeited. Second game and match are forfeited after an additional 10 minutes.

Officiating Assignments:

1.     First official will be provided for all matches. Each team is responsible to provide: 1 down official, 2 lines people, 1 official scorekeeper, a libero tracker and 1 person to flip/input score. You are responsible to bring your own whistles.

2.     If you are late for your officiating assignment, the same penalties apply as to match forfeit times. All penalties will be carried over to the following day if necessary. Please check closely to be sure you know the schedule, and if you are uncertain, please ask the tournament director at your site. On time means the start of warm-ups, not match start time.

3.    It is required that the coach remains in the game area during their team officiating assignments.

4.     During bracket play, all losing teams must stay and provide the work team for the following match unless specified differently. The game scheduled on your court may or may not be part of your division. If your match is switched to another court you are still required to provide the work team.


1.     Match play: best 2 out of 3 games. First 2 games to 25, deciding game if necessary to 15.
2.     No cap on any game.
3.     Warm-ups (2-4-4): 2 minutes for shared ball handling and 4 minutes for each team to hit and serve. Absolutely no ball handling by the team that is not scheduled to play the match.
4.     Coin flip prior to match will determine side and serve.
5.     Saturday matches may only start up to 15 minutes before their scheduled time. Waves will not start early. 
General Rules:
1.     Only AAU registered members are allowed in the playing area.
2.     Registered coach must be on the bench. Any team without an AAU registered coach is considered incomplete and will not play.
3.     Any abuse of tournament officials or staff by players, coaches or parents will result in that person’s removal from the tournament.
4.     Team benches may not be moved or taken to another area.
5.     No spectator is allowed in the playing area at any time during the day.

Tournament Schedule:

The entire tournament schedule will be posted at: Advanced Event

Protest Procedure:

If a protest is to be filed, it must be done at the time of the incident. Only the floor captain (the coach with 14 or younger) may file the protest. Judgment calls may not be protested.

Playing Venue: Cornerstone University, 1001 E. Beltline ave, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

On-site Vendor: Angle sportswear will be selling tournament t-shirts and other apparel.