Beach Tourney

    Youth League

Carpe Diem Pro Beach series!

Carpe Diem Volleyball is excited to host their first Pro Beach series!

Carpe Diem Volleyball will reimburse the entry fee to the AVP Chicago Qualifier (August 29th). To play in the AVP Qualifier you must be an

AVP America member

For the Pro Series,

Team’s top finishes from our June 15, 29, July 20 and August 3rd events.

**Must play in 3 CDVB events.

It’s a Team competition meaning individuals

don’t accrue series points, teams do.

Points per place

1st - 50

2nd - 40

3rd - 30

3rd - 23

5th - 16

9th - 11

Registration deadline is Friday night before the tourney.

Tournaments will start at Promptly at 9am with sign-in starting at 8:30am. 
3 Match guarantee. Check out formats here

We will also adopt the AVP modified rules.  
  • Match point freeze session/s will be in effect
  • Let service will be allowed EXCEPT during the freeze session/s (A service replay will be awarded ONLY during freeze session/s)
AVP points will be awarded for all players with AVP next membership

Pro series payout (based on $80 entry fee) 

 # of Teams 1st 2nd 3rd
 4 16096  
 5 200120  
 6 240144  
 7 280150  
 8 300200  
 9 350225  
 10 375250  
 11 385250  
 12 400 25050